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from beginner to specialists there is something for everyone.

You don’t need to have any experience to start, just the desire to take better photos. Our relaxed teaching approach is not filled with all the jargon, our expert photography teachers make it so easy to understand.

Video & Drone photography
our full time video production team will tech you how its done. 

DSLR cameras these days are great for making videos as well as taking photos. We also teach drone photography & video. Take this chance to learn from on of UK’s best drone pilots. Dan James’s

Landscape photography workshops

You will get experience using a range of filters and long exposure techniques to capture some stunning images. Travel, accommodation and tuition are all included. See our Workshops page for more details .


We guess you are here because you know what you like and probably have an eye for a nice image, but are not sure how to go about achieving them.

Well there is good news. It’s not down to having all the gear. Those photos that you admire were produced by a person that once knew as much as you do about photography. All they did was adjusted some settings and pressed one button. If they can do it, so can you. We will teach you what you need to know to get you well on your way to making great images. And what’s best is that you don’t need to learn a new technical language.
It’s all about teaching you how to expose a photo, and composing what’s in that photo to look interesting or attractive.

When you are ready to move on to more advanced photography, we work on a very practical basis with courses and workshops at some great venues . We also like to adjust each teaching session according to the level of those attending, and are more than willing to address subjects that you are keen to learn about.

As well as teaching on courses, we can teach 1-2-1 session or small groups. We also run regular day trip workshops.

Flexible and Affordable: Our rates are very competitive and weekdays are even better value. We have a great range of courses and workshops to suit a range of abilities and interests. And if what you are looking for is not listed, just ask, and we will see what we can do to help.
We are proud of our service being one of the most flexible and affordable around.

50% Discount available for camera club members

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Videography is an extension of photography, many of the skills are linked, it’s just that with video there are 25 images per second. We will teach you how to capture great video images from a range of devices including DSLR and mirror-less cameras.

Naturally there are a range of skills associated within video production which we will introduce
you to, such as lighting, audio and using steady cam devices such as gambles.

Video is now the medium of choice for social media and learning. With the ability to store and streaming video seamlessly over the internet, video content will be more in demand.

If you want to make great video blogs, Instagram content or a commercial production, the skill that we will teach you will be vital.



Drone Photography & Videography has been around for quite some time but only within the last 5 years has it been affordable accessible commercially. We have been lucky enough to film for some of the world's most recognisable brands. You can see our background in filming here. (Add link to here) This course will teach you everything from the basics of flying drones and how to best use them for photo and video, to the complex rules and regulations that come with operating drones.

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Private Tuition

1-2-1 or small groups may suit your needs better than joining a course.

The advantages of private tuition are:

  • The teaching content can be tailored to your individual needs.

  • Weekdays may suit you more than weekend.

  • Flexible timings, just call and arrange what suits you best.

  • Location to suit you

  • Cost Only £15 per hour

    Just email hello@teachme.photography


Reserve Your Adventure

Are you looking to learn or improve your Landscape or Seascape Photography

We have some great weekend and longer trips planned at some of UK’s best locations.
We are also flexible, so we can look at dates and locations that suit you, just contact us with your suggestions.